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About us & our products

We all know that it's sometimes hard to find quality products nowadays. That's how this story begins. I just wanted a nice leather collar for my new puppy

......and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have always loved dogs. One of my favorite quotes is, "Always try to be the person your dog thinks you are". They are honest, loyal and completely forgiving and I think having them in my life has made me a better person.

What started as a hobby in 2012 has grown astonishingly into a thriving business. We make a variety of leather products for dogs and their humans and will soon be expanding into halters and bridles for horses.

We use Hermann Oak vegetable tanned leather, considered to be the world's finest leather. We purchase only grade A hides for strength and consistency of quality. Leather is a natural material and will have minor variations in color and markings. 

Our hardware is the best quality available. Buckles and D rings are all solid low lead brass or nickel plated solid brass. They won't rust or corrode and will hold even the largest breeds.

We use dyes and finishes that are non toxic and environmentally friendly. The colors are vivid and absorbed deep into the leather.

Leather is a very strong material and our collars are heavy duty and well constructed with top quality materials. However, for some very strong dogs leather may not be a suitable restraint and should not be used for tying out. It is not suitable for use in wet conditions unless extra care is given.

Best of all our products are guaranteed. Should you have issues with the quality or service of any of our items, we will cheerfully arrange for a return. 

Be sure to let us know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by.

Call us at 604-701-2828

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